Maintaining Your Tyres and Wheels

Spare Tyre Maintenance Tips

Equipping your car with quality tyres is essential for safety, comfort and fuel efficiency. However, you will be surprised at the number of car owners who treat the spare tyre as an afterthought, although it counts as the fifth wheel. If you fail to take good care of your spare tyre, the chances are high that it might fail when you need it the most. This article highlights spare tyre maintenance tips to keep in mind.  

Respond to Recalls -- Recalls are nothing new in the automotive industry when car manufacturers find defects in certain parts, such as brake pads, ignition systems and airbags. However, it is quite unfortunate that many motorists are unaware that car manufacturers can also recall spare tyres. Therefore, ignoring spare tyre recalls exposes you to safety issues. Spare tyre recalls are made when a car manufacturer finds a defect. For instance, a car manufacturer can recall the spare tyres of a specific model due to incorrect inflation pressure. Thus, it is crucial to keep an open ear on recalls, which is why you need to befriend your mechanic since they are privy to such information.  

Limit Travelling Distance on Your Spare Tyre -- You may not know it, but your car's spare tyre is built differently from standard tyres. Most importantly, spare tyres are only supposed to substitute a damaged wheel and get you safely to an auto service station. Therefore, you should avoid travelling long distances on a spare since it can affect vehicle handling. For instance, driving long distances on a spare can affect the differential, an essential element of car handling. When you exceed the recommended distance on a spare tyre, it begins to put undue pressure on the differential, gears and clutch plates. Therefore, refer to your car's manual for guidelines on the maximum distance you should drive on a spare tyre.  

Check for Pressure Regularly -- There is nothing as annoying as accessing your spare to replace a punctured tyre only to find out that the former has inadequate pressure. Unfortunately, almost every motorist has found themselves in such a predicament, stemming from the misconception that spare tyres do not lose pressure. However, nothing could be further from the truth because spares lose pressure like regular tyres, mainly because of temperature fluctuations. Always check the pressure on your spare, especially when preparing for a long trip. It will save you from frustrations should you need the spare tyre in the middle of nowhere.  

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