Maintaining Your Tyres and Wheels

Indicators That Your Car Tyres Need Immediate Replacement

Although your car tyres are designed to last for a considerable duration, they are not immune to eventual wear. The rate at which this degradation happens is dictated by several reasons such as your innate driving habits, the prevailing weather conditions that you drive in, the surface of the road and more. Some motorists may opt only to switch their tyres after a certain period has passed as an economic measure, but you should bear in mind that driving with tyres that are beyond their usability not only accelerate tyre damage but also put you and other road users at risk. Look out for the following indicators that your car tyres need immediate replacement:

Diminished tyre grip

The grip of your tyres is critical, as this is what enhances traction between the vehicle and the road. Nonetheless, the grip of your tyres will diminish over time depending on some reasons. Firstly, the pattern of your tyres would dictate how fast they lose their grip, as some designs are more easily eroded off than others are.

Secondly, the type of rubber used to manufacture the tyres will also affect the grip, as some rubber compounds are not as durable as others are. Lastly, your steering linkage coupled with the wheel alignment of the tyres would also have an impact on the longevity of the grip.

It is advisable to have the grip routinely tested when you take your vehicle for car servicing, so you determine if the grip has worn down so much so to warrant tyre replacement.

Sidewall cracks

Regardless of whether you are using regular or premium tyres, cracks will eventually start to develop on the sidewall. These cracks are the result of the steady degradation of the chemicals and oils that are contained in the rubber.

With consistent driving, the tyres are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, heat exposure, friction and more. As a result, the chemicals start to break down, which causes the rubber to lose its tautness. When the sidewall begins to develop cracks, it is a clear indicator that the tyres are drying out and it is only a matter of time before they lose their integrity and start to crumble.

It should also be noted that the onset of sidewall cracks means the tread is also at risk of separating from the tyres. Left unhampered, you may even be at risk of your tyres blowing out while you are on the road so tyre replacement would be essential.