Maintaining Your Tyres and Wheels

Why You Should Buy New Tyres Instead of Used Tyres for Your Vehicle

You might have a flat tyre, or you might have noticed that the tread on your current tyres has really worn down. Because of this, you might be interested in putting different tyres on your car. You might have seen used tyre shops around your town, and you could be interested in stopping by one of these shops to purchase tyres, rather than going to a new tyre shop. You might have purchased other used car parts successfully in the past, and you might like buying things used when possible for environmental and financial reasons. One thing that you might not want to buy used for your vehicle is a set of tyres, though. New tyres are often a better choice for car owners like you for these reasons.

They Often Aren't Much More Costly

For one thing, when you check into the cost of new tyres in comparison to used tyres, you might find that used tyres simply aren't that much cheaper than new ones. After all, the cost of having each tyre installed is usually pretty similar between new and used tyre shops. Used tyres themselves are often a little more expensive, but many shops that sell new tyres often offer sales from time to time, or they might offer a special deal for those who choose to purchase four tyres at one time. You can get an even better deal if you are willing to call a few different tyre shops to inquire about pricing on tyres of the size and type that you need.

You Can Make Sure All of Your Tyres Match

Having tyres that match is important, and it can be hard to get matching tyres when you purchase used ones. Many used tyre shops will just sell you four used tyres that might be from different brands, that might have various levels of tread depth, and that might even be different styles of tyres. In some cases, you might even end up with tyres of slightly different sizes. This isn't a good thing, since it can impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, make for a much less comfortable ride, and can make your vehicle harder to drive. In some cases, using different types of tyres at one time can even damage your vehicle. If you buy brand new tyres from a new tyre shop, it should not be a problem to purchase a matching set.

You Can Get More Life Out of the Tyres

When you purchase used tyres, they are typically at least somewhat worn out. They might also be dry rotted or otherwise damaged in ways that you can't easily see just from looking at them. If you purchase used tyres, there's a good chance they won't last very long and that you will need to replace them fairly soon. New tyres should last much longer and might even have a warranty for a certain period of time.  

If you need new tyres, head to a local tyre shop.